HPC assessed the visual effects of a proposed wireless antenna tower to the Shadel School Barn (5LA.11128) on Hwy 160 in Las Animas County CO


Shovel testing at a wireless antenna tower site in Baca County, CO in accordance with Native American tribe requirements


Wireless Antenna Towers and Collocation

Historic Preservation Consultants has performed more than 200 surveys for wireless antenna towers and wireless collocation sites in Colorado and other western states (including Kansas, Wyoming, Montana, and Utah).   Most of the proposed wireless antenna tower sites require field survey and occasionally yield prehistoric or historic archaeological remains.  

Compliance with the National Historic Preservation Act for wireless antenna towers and collocations often is performed according to stream-lined procedures in the Programmatic Agreement developed by the Federal Communications Commission with the National Conference of SHPOs.  However, many SHPOs require alternative documentation (i.e., survey report) and some Native American tribes have established additional requirements (e.g., ethnographic report) for projects in areas of concern.  Historic Preservation Consultants has prepared the full range of required documentation for compliance in Colorado, Kansas, Wyoming, and several other western states.